Volunteers' minis will be posted on the sidebar on the right. Volunteers will be included in the minis and on the sidebar even on weeks in which they don't participate. It's our way of saying "thanks"!

Volunteers are welcome to participate in challenges and are eligible to win.

If you need help with anything, please contact the volunteer in charge.

Thank you volunteers! This team isn't possible without them!

If you see a vacant position below and you'd like to fill it, please convo Kellie on etsy to apply. Please only apply if you can make a commitment to complete the duties outlined below. All other NonTeam members aren't committed to anything. Volunteers are. We need you to keep things running. If you ever find that you can't or don't want to continue with your volunteer duties, just let us know. We can find a replacement or a partner. No problem.

Team Captain - Kellie from Dahlies
Posts new Challenges and winners on blog. Runs Lightning Challenges. Keeps in touch with judges and winners. Starts the Laying Odds thread each Wednesday.  Keeps things going and organized. Blogs screenshots and links of team participants who make the front page.  Answers team questions and basically keeps things running.

New Challenge Thread Starter- Karn from RiverSongBeads
Starts a new thread on Thursdays for the start of each challenge

Chatting Thread Starter - Sage from smdesignsjewelry
This volunteer will start and monitor a chatting thread for the team.  This thread will be a place for us to chat about the current challenge or team.  No links or promotions.

This volunteer will open and maintain a twitter account. Will tweet new Challenges, Treasury links and Challenge winners.

Buyer Account Hearter - Hilary from Scraphappydesigns
These volunteers will maintain our etsy buyer account - NonTeamChallenge