Winners / Judges

If you've won a challenge - Congratulations!  You've got a HUGE job ahead of you but hopefully it'll be well worth the exposure you're going to receive.

Your winning treasury will be announced on Wednesday at noon eastern on the blog.

** The first thing that you need to do is choose your Inspiration Item and send a link to Sarah by Wednesday evening.  Your item must be in compliance with Etsy's TOS and Dos and Don'ts.

A new thread will be started on the team page after your shop is announced as the winner.  Members will make suggestions to you on what they'd like for you to choose.  This can be a great help!

Some hints on choosing your item (not required, just some suggestions) -
* Choose an item that you can duplicate.  For true One of a Kind items, the winner will choose a new Inspiration Item if it sells. If the winner has handmade items and can duplicate the Inspiration Item, we ask that you raise the quantity or "renew sold" should it sell mid-challenge.

Your item will be announced and the new challenge begins on Thursday.  Then it's time to start the judging.

**Please be sure to read the guidelines so you'll choose a winner that's followed them properly - only one entry per person, included the correct tag and link to the blog, your item in first 12 spots, in on time, etc.

Also, the shop of the winner that you choose MUST be in compliance with etsy's TOS and Dos and Don'ts.  Just a few things to watch for... vintage and commercial supplies in the correct categories, definitely no-resellers (listing commercial items as handmade by them), no trademark infringers (hello kitty, disney, etc), no linking to outside websites to purchase, no tag/title/location stuffing,

Winners of past challenges are eligible to win again.  Volunteers of the nonteam are eligible to win. Buyers-only are also eligible to win.  If they do, they can choose any item on etsy as the Inspiration Item.

You might want to keep up with the judging throughout the challenge to make your job easier.  Bookmark your favorite treasuries as you go.  When it comes time to narrow it down, make sure that those treasuries follow the nonteam guidelines and that the shops of the curators are not in blatant violation of etsy TOS.  If you choose a winner that doesn't meet our guidelines or etsy's, you will be asked to choose another winner. If you're unsure, just ask.

We ask that you also choose five to ten Honorable Mentions and post them on the discussion page anytime after the winner is announced on Wednesday at noon.

Please leave comments on all of the treasuries so that participants know that you're looking.  You're asked to leave a simple "thank you" type comment on each treasury. We know that you want to show your appreciation by leaving lovely, thoughtful comments but it just takes way too long with the high number of treasuries.  A quick, simple comment is all we need.

Please use the current Entry thread to view the challenge treasuries.  Participants are required to leave their links there to win the challenge. Other methods of searching for treasuries have proven unreliable.  The Entry thread will have every challenge eligible to win.

The Challenge ends on Sunday at noon eastern.  Entries left after that time are not to be judged.  Feel free to comment on them, but they can't win.

Send a link to the winning treasury to Kellie by Tuesday evening. Please write up something about your experience and how you went about judging.  We love to hear that!  Send that along too.

The winning treasury will go up on the blog on Wednesday at noon eastern.

Any time after that, please start a new thread on our Discussion Page with your list of Honorable Mentions.

We have a thread on our discussion page with many words of wisdom from past judges.  It's worth the read!  After your time judging, please feel free to add your own thoughts.


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