Saturday, October 9, 2010


Volunteers' minis will be posted on the sidebar. Volunteers are welcome to participate in challenges and are eligible to win, except Dotty - who will participate but is not eligible to win.

If you need help with anything, please contact the volunteer in charge.

If you see a vacant position below and you'd like to fill it, please convo Dotty or Sarah on etsy to apply. Please only apply if you can make a commitment to complete the duties outlined below. All other NonTeam members aren't committed to anything. Volunteers are. We need you to keep things running. If you ever find that you can't or don't want to continue with your volunteer duties, just let us know. We can find a replacement or a partner. No problem.

Thank you sooooo much Volunteers!

New Challenges and Team Organization - Dotty from and Sarah from
Post new Challenges. Change mini to new winner. Add winner to sidebar. Keep things going and organized.

Shop Lister - Sarah from
This volunteer will keep the list of shop links on the sidebar up-to-date for each challenge.

Winner Wrangler - Dotty from
This volunteer will be in touch with the judge at the end of the Challenges to find out the winner. Contact new winner for Inspiration Item.

Etc Thread Starter - Leah from
This volunteer will start a thread in Etc for each challenge.  This thread will be a place for us to chat about the current challenge.  No links.

Front Page Scout - Janelle from nomadcraftsect
This volunteer will watch for NonTeam Treasuries on etsy's front page. Will receive convos from others that see one of our Treasuries on the FP. Will create a page here with screenshots along with shop links of the curators. Will subscribe to that page's comments. Respond to questions/comments on that page. Needs to be familiar with blogger.

Past Challenge Recorder - Rebekah from
Post a page of all past Challenges with Screenshots of winning Treasuries and links to winners' shops. Will subscribe to that page's comments. Respond to questions/comments on that page. Needs to be familiar with blogger.

Tweeter - Rebecca from
This volunteer will open and maintain a twitter account. Will tweet new Challenges, Treasury links and Challenge winners.

Promo Thread Starter - Michelle from
This volunteer will start a promo thread for each Challenge.  Curators of each challenge will post links to their treasuries there.

Just-For-Fun Treasury Poster - Jessica from
This volunteer will take screenshots of treasuries made featuring NonMembers (not ones made for Challenges) and will post them to the blog. Will subscribe to that post here to receive comments by email.  Will accept convos alerting her to new treasuries.  Needs to be familiar with blogger.

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