Saturday, February 26, 2011

Front Page Treasuries - Challenge 20

Fourelephant's colorful treasury Put a Leaf on It made the Front Page - Big Congrats!

Fourelephants is actually three people - Dad Jacek, a photographer and painter; son Marcin, who makes music and takes photographs; and daughter Magdalena, who writes fiction and makes things from scraps of anything she finds around the house.

A sample of their work is pictured below:

Congratulations also to all who were featured. Please show their wonderful treasury some nonteam support.

Hooray for the fabulous nonteam! ByTonetti's lovely treasury Charming made the Front Page of Etsy Sunday morning.

Alissa Smith of ByTonetti makes wonderful wire wrapped jewelry like the Lemon Topaz Microfaceted earrings below. She loves creating new designs that are unique and fun to wear.

Congratulations to all the featured shops as well!

Another nonteam treasury has made it to the Front Page!  Congratulations to BloomingBeader for her beautiful treasury Wanderings In My World.

Kendra from BloomingBeader offers handmade crystal earrings, silk necklaces, cell phone charms and more. The Mariposa Silk and Crystal Necklace pictured is available in her shop.

Please visit her treasury and give it some nonteam love.

Congratulations are also in order to PapersandProse for a lovely Front Page Beware the dear... early Saturday morning:

Laura Ellis from PapersandProse loves to recycle bits of old books and dictionaries to make other things. She salvages the usable parts of books that have been damaged and makes beautiful items like the pendant necklace pictured below.

Let's give some nonteam attention to this treasury, and congrats to all who were featured.


AND FreshUrbanVintage's Treasury That's Hot made it to the Front Page last night, Congratulations!

Vicky Bell from FreshUrbanVintage has vintage finds, antiques, art, and upcycled items for sale in her shop, like this antique hand painted porcelain sugar creamer set .

If you haven't already, please show your nonteam appreciation by visiting her treasury and leaving a comment. Congratulations to all the featured shops as well.


TheForestFaery said...

I noticed PapersandProse's treasury on the front page when I signed in a little while ago... Congrats to both of you on making the front page! :D

Taylor Lynn <3

weebit said...

Congrats! It's always so fun and gratifying to see these nonteam treasuries make the FP.

Weird said...

Congrats to both of you!
I am so happy we've been part of one of the FP treasuries - it's been nearly a whole year since the last time and I am somewhat relieved ;-)

Thanks again for picking our art yarn, FreshUrbanVintage!

karoArt said...

Wow! Amazing! Congratulations on beautiful and successful treasuries. Well done!

Atticelf said...

Wow! Look at all of these front pagers! Fantastic!

Zhivana Designs said...

These are all gorgeous! Congrats, everyone!