Monday, April 11, 2011

Nonteam Treasury Blitz

We're trying something new between challenges.

The Nonteam Treasury Blitz is to promote the nonteam by creating treasuries featuring participants from the previous challenge using Etsy's current merchandising themes.

Megha from CassyzCutiez will be leading us. You can read her thread each Monday, on the discussion page, and leave your links there.

Nonteam Treasury Blitz Guidelines...

These treasuries will not be judged. They are basically the reward for participating in the regular weekly challenge.

1.You MUST include 6 nonteam shops in the first twelve slots of your treasury. Remember you have to include ONLY those shops that had participated in the previous weekly challenge.

For the list of these shops :
See the blog sidebar (previous weekly challenge participants only)

Or participating shop minis from:

** The blog sidebar will be updated only by Tuesday. So if you make your treasury in between Sun-Tues morning, you will use a different list than if you make them in between Wed-Sun. (If this seems an issue we can work it out later).

2.You can choose any one theme and make one treasury OR you can make as many as you like, just remember that each treasury should be based on any one of the five themes listed in the new weekly thread. Be sure to tag your treasuries with the merchandising themes.

3.Tag your treasury as - nonteamblitz 1 (using the current number each week).

4.Include a link to the blog in the treasury description.

5.These treasuries are just for fun to promote shops that regularly participate in the weekly challenge.

6.Follow Etsy’s treasury Do's and Don'ts.

7.This challenge ends at noon on Thursdays.

8.Don’t forget to leave a link to your treasury on the discussion page. Please leave your links in the current Blitz thread. Do not start your own thread.

Please check the discussion page each Monday for the list of the current merchandising themes that we'll be using.

So just Relax....Ignite your Creative Skills....and START!
All the best to all!

Have fun!

(No changes have been made to our challenges. This is just something to do in between to promote the team. Creating Blitz treasuries is not required.)