Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Changes to the NonTeam - September 2011

Hi everyone! The number of challenge treasuries per week is now close to 300! What an incredible opportunity for the winner but with that comes an incredible amount of work in judging all of those treasuries.

Because of the ever-increasing number of treasuries, we've decide to make some changes.

Starting with Challenge #47, beginning on September 1st -

* The new deadline to post your challenge treasury link to the Entry thread is SATURDAY at noon eastern. (not Sunday anymore) If you post your link after noon on Saturday, it will not be judged. This means that challenges now run from Thursday at noon to Saturday at noon.

* The judges are now asked to leave a simple "thank you" type comment on each treasury. I know that they want to show their appreciation by leaving lovely, thoughtful comments but it just takes way too long with this number of treasuries. We want to take some pressure off of them by not expecting those types of comments.

* The nonteam is now moderated. No one will be rejected. We've just added this extra step to cut down on those that join just to drop spammy links and to be sure that those joining actually intend to participate.

We're going to see how it goes for a week or two. We may find it necessary to close the team to new members for a while. We've also discussed having two winners per week with two inspiration items to cut down on the number of treasuries to judge.

We may just leave it as it is. We shall see. :)

Feel free to share your suggestions / feedback as we see how things go in this thread.

Thanks so much everyone!

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