Monday, September 5, 2011

SheepAhoy's Treasury on Front Page

Congrats SheepAhoy for the fifth challenge 47 front page treasury featuring skeindalous inspiration item.

Roxie from New Jersey opened her SheepAhoy shop recently. She is an Arts Educator by day, and a crafter by night and on lunch breaks. Her shop carries crochet and knit items like the earwarmers below.

Congratultions to all the featured shops.  Lets give Into the Woods We Go Again... some love.


Nadine said...

Congratulations, that's great news. Can I just ask a really stupid question, I am new to the non-team and every time I see a message like this I wonder which front page we are talking about. I haven't seen these treasuries on my front page of course (UK) and when I check the other front pages for the US, Canada, Australia, France etc. I can't see them either. am I doing something wrong or are we talking a completely different Front Page altogether?

Dotty said...

Hi Nadine. Not a stupid question at all! It was on the US front page of etsy. Are you checking craftcult? A record of it should be there.

Welcome to the nonteam!

Nadine said...

OOh, thanks. just checked craftcult and there is a new Front Page every hour, is that right? That is amazing. We only have the same front page all day here in the UK. Shame. I will keep an eye on Craft cult. Thanks.

Dotty said...

Yes, the US front page changes every hour. I didn't realize that you all had the same page all day!