Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nonteam's 1st Bday Party

Hi all! I hardly know where to begin. This past week was the most amazing surprise ever! It's hard to believe that anyone thought to do it and hard to believe that so many of you participated by making a treasury with my pumpkin. Not only did you all participate, but many of you made several treasuries. Wow! There was no hope of winning, yet you all came out. Wow again.

And the messages....So sweet and appreciative of what I've done. I must say that I felt very undeserving of the gratitude or at the very least must share it with the other volunteers. There's no way in the world that this team would exist without them.

And the treasuries themselves.....(I'll try to refrain from saying "wow" and using an excessive amount of exclamation points.) Some of them were so personal - just for and about me. That blew me away. Some were so creepy, that I honestly could hardly look at them, but still loved them in a bizarre way. Some were creepy cute. Some were beautiful. Some adorable. Some oh so fun. Some downright hilarious. Some so amazingly clever and creative. I loved ever single one of the 307 treasuries! Thank you all. Sincerely.

I know that there's no better team on all of etsy. You all are so enthusiastic, positive, supportive, fun, generous, helpful, involved. No drama or negativity in any way. Thank you all for that too. Thank you for making this team so much fun and such a positive experience for all of us.

As all of the judges have said, narrowing down the treasuries is such a difficult task. It was almost painful to remove so many of them from my list. At least I didn't have to get down to just one winner! As I write this, I still have a list of 40 something favorites and I was happy to get down that far. I'm going to try to get that list down to 20 and post those to the team page later today.

I so enjoyed our week-long birthday party. Thank you all!

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