Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winning Treasury Challenge #66

Some words from Armalique...

Last week, when I was told that I won the last challenge I was dumbfounded. At first I thought the “you’re the winner” message was a prank, I mean, I almost never win anything! Once I realized it wasn’t, however, I was absolutely thrilled! Much thanks to Christine from 9thCycleStudios.

Then I was told that I had a big job ahead of me. And boy, did I underestimate it! I thought to myself: “how hard can it be? I love looking at treasuries!”. If I could travel back in time, I would probably take a book (King Lear, perhaps?) and hit my one-week-ago self with it. I must say, I learned my lesson. And to all future winners, this is a huuuge task; whatever you do, do not underestimate it!

I had tons of fun! The best part is seeing your shop views sky rocket, your item in hundreds of gorgeous collections, and meeting lots of awesome Etsians! I was shocked to see all the fabulous creations by everyone! I loved seeing the different interpretations of my item, from Greek mythology and Shakespeare, to geometric art and Valentine’s Day. When it came to choosing a winner, I felt like I had to choose which one of my kids should get the last slice of pie. I first narrowed down the 200+ entries to 92, then down to 60. When I got down to 34, I felt like my heart was breaking every time I eliminated one. It finally got down to 15 and then, the top 4.

To choose among the top 4 took me well over 2 hours but I finally made a decision that I was utterly proud of. I decided that the slice of pie must go to Andrea from sorrythankyou79 for her fabulous T titled “I'm not geometrically opposed to it..”! Now, I was never a fan of math –in fact, I nearly failed it in the 11th grade. I was even less interested in geometry, but this collection completely blew me away the minute I saw it! In fact, I might’ve changed my mind about geometry because of it. Andrea, you’re a natural at curating and totally deserving of this win. Congratulations!

Not only is Andrea’s collection aesthetically gorgeous, it also bears a super clever title. The items Andrea chose complement each other so beautifully; there is not a single item that does not belong. I love that she chose modern and vintage items and brought them all together so nicely. Not to mention, the vibrant colours. Have you seen those colours? Did I mention the colours? I love the colours! They’re so lovely and bright! And they go together amazingly well! The featured items are all photographed beautifully and each stands out in its own unique way. This fun, quirky collection totally made my day!

I must also give props to 2 other amazing ladies who made my decision very difficult with their beautiful treasuries. These collections are “Modern Goddess” by JooniJewelry and “he loved to quote King Lear and sip oolong tea” by Lesa from lesalikes.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and made this challenge so fantastic! And hooray for Andrea & her stunning treasury “I’m not geometrically opposed to it..”.

I'm not geometrically opposed to it..
by sorrythankyou79

Congrats to sorrythankyou79! How about showing her treasury some NonTeam love?
She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #67. She'll also be judging it.

Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help her choose her item, so please be sure to pop in.

Check back here on Thursday at noon (eastern time) for the start of Challenge #67!

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Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Congrats to Andrea- gorgeous curating- can't wait to see what you choose to feature!