Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winning Treasury Challenge #73

Some words from LegalMissSunshine......

Wow! What a whirlwind of a week!

And I am sure my poor little jack rabbit would say the same! He ran from Elmer Fudd, Dirty Harry, Judge Doom, Annie Oakley … even Alice had her gun!

The little rabbit was at picnics, weddings, and the carnival. He was in man caves, magic acts, and rabbit stew. I also learned a few things about old pregnancy tests. And so many of the treasuries made me laugh at loud!

First, I would just like to say a BIG thank you to all the nonteam members, a GIANT thank you to all of the volunteers, and a HUGE thank you to Bella of Allami for choosing my treasury last week!

But without further ado, the treasury I chose as the winner told a subtle story:

concealed weapons by Christina from stoneartisanjewelry

I loved the colors, the ethereal feel, and the flow of the treasury. It feels a bit melancholic and I’m not sure my little rabbit makes it in the end, but at least for a moment I felt that he was at home in the fields. And I feel that he is at home in that treasury.

So congratulations to Christina!

concealed weapons by stonesartisanjewelry

Congrats to stonesartisanjewelry! How about showing her treasury some NonTeam love?
She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #74. She'll also be judging it.

Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help her choose her item, so please be sure to pop in.

Check back here on Thursday at noon (eastern time) for the start of Challenge #74!

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