Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Winning Treasury Challenge #78

Some words from TammieBowdenPhoto...

All of the Spring Sparrow treasuries were so fantastic! Some were dark and moody, others gorgeously simple and elegant. There were bird collections, garden collections, spring collections, country cottages and visits to Mom's house.

It's so true what everyone says... It's so hard to pick just one winner! So many of the treasuries spoke to me in so many ways.

In the end, I went with Unending Melody by FrenchAtticFinds:

It seemed slightly meloncholy and hauntingly beautiful to me. I wonder what song is playing?

Thanks so much to Jan Jat for giving me this amazing and fun opportunity, and to the NonTeam volunteers that organize the most fun event on Etsy! I so look forward to these challenges week after week!

Unending Melody by FrenchAtticFinds

Congrats to FrenchAtticFinds! How about showing her treasury some NonTeam love?
She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #79. She'll also be judging it.

Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in.

Check back here on Thursday at noon (eastern time) for the start of Challenge #79!

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