Friday, July 20, 2012

Serenity on Front Page

Congratulations to Jennifer from TheBraceletTree for her front page treasury inspired by JumpoffthePage, the winner of challenge 91. 

'Serenity' by Thebracelettree

3 Soap Sample Set. French Clay Soaps. Gift Bag.100% Natural Vegan Cold Process. Sample Sizes. - HerbivoreBotanicals
CIJ 5 Dollars Off / Go Play Outside art print / circle / buy with ROAM and save 10 off regular prices - JumpOffThePage
Vintage COUNTRY HARVEST Tan Straw Hat - Small - bluebutterflyvintage
Jellyfish Bustle Skirt - in Cream - off white - ElvenForest
Decorative Speckled Quail Bird Eggs / Spring Home Decor/ Wedding Decoration Pastel - BirdinHandVTG
Modern Triangle Aquamarine Silver Ring - Tri-Aqua - NangijalaJewelry
everyday gray on white passionflower linen napkins set of 4 - giardino
World Map Print Tote Bag - inanirsakolurbence
Genuine Pebbles Beach Stones - Charms Pendants - Michigan River Rocks - diy Jewelry Beads - "Sparkle Island" by StoneMe - StoneMe
infinity scarf cowl handdyed - soft mint - lightweight cotton - CThandmade
Chamomile Lip Balm - Vegan - lip balm Natural - RightSoap
Silver Arrow Necklace - mint green wire wrapped arrow pendant,  Unisex Fashion - Handmade by BlackStar - BlackStar
Warm Mint Textured Porcelain Pendant - peifferStudios
vintage antler - experimentalvintage
Swan Photo, zen, bathroom art, bird photo, photos of water,  teal, white - Sip and Drift 5x7 - SeeLifeShine
Ceramic bowl Cream poppy flower in stoneware pottery with red details Decorative home decor gift for her or wedding gift - PrinceDesignUK

Jennifer is a registered nurse by day, and a jewelry maker by night. Her shop offers all kinds of bracelets, including the one pictured, as well as necklaces and pendants. 

Congratulations to all the featured shops in this serene treasury!


WhiteWolfsClouds said...
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Anonymous said...

Did the challenge finish early?

Ms. Veronica's said...

While I do not have the time to invest, I do love the treasures that are done and I hope one day to crusts something so beautiful. Well done.

Sarah said...

The challenge is not over. This is just a post we do when one of ours gets on the Front Page of Etsy.

bonniebee said...

I love how it's not just white space items!