Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winning Treasury Challenge #97

Some words from artsdesirable...

was over whelmed when I was told that Kristin at Loveart studio had picked my 'I have a Dream' as the winner of last weeks Challenge. Not having won a nonteam challenge ever, had an HM recently. I have done so many treasuries since joining etsy, this accolade was wonderful.
A big thank you to Sarah, and all the volunteers on this team - they help to make doing challenge treasuries for this team easy and such fun.

I am not the creator of the art in our shop, that's down to my husband Maxwell, I do however run the shop, make treasuries and keep an eye on listings. We both chose 'Golden Lily loves Croc Rock' collage for the challenge - in the hope that it would be just that, challenging and it has been - producing amazing originality and exuberant creativity from you all. From flights of fancy - Children's well loved stories, Deconstruction, lessons in art and collage. Surreal, seductive and sexy tales; Dreams, African adventure, Tropical Islands, castaways and beach beauties; Crocodiles, lilies and apples galore, Carnivals, Circuses, Pin ups, Warrior Women and Golden Girls; Rock & Roll, Ballet dancers. Stories of love and loss and Lily was the star of each and every treasury. I felt compelled to look at the treasuries everyday - looking and re-looking. A big thank you to each and everyone who showed their joy in creative treasury making.

Having to choose is like asking me which of my children is my favourite, but a favourite treasury I do have and it's:-
In the spirit of the Olympics held in London I am awarding GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. The Silver and Bronze will be in the HM's.

GOLD: John from casperdown with his 'Beneath the Surface' - A simple yet visually powerful well costructed treasury, I kept returning to it. Lily under a canopy of lush green tropical leaves, mysterious creatures of the forest to keep her company, she glows in this location.

'Beneath the Surface' by casperdown

16" x 20" Leaf Detail Print, Macro, Palm Trees,  Green Leaves, Jungle, Fine Art Photography by Glennis Siverson - glennisphotos
Banana Leaf - AceofTexasDesign
Alocasia Leaf - 11x14 Fine Art Print - SeaLilyStudio
Dreamy leaf 12x8" photograph - RachaelDawn
2. "Agate Jungle" by JoAnna Ruckman from her series: Guinea Woman - safi
My Garden Jungle, mixed media encaustic - aliherrmann
Golden Lady Lily loves Croc Rock. Collage - Limited edition print one of only 25. Free shipping - artsdesireable
Green Frog Original Fine Art Print - JaniceMcCafferty
Costa Rica - Magia Blanca - La Paz Waterfall Gardens - Magnificent - Rainforest - Jungle - NTodoroff
Deep In The Jungle/ Fine Art Photography/ Kauai Hawaii/ Jungle - siobhanphotography
A Dream within a Dream - 10x8 Print of an Original Oil Painting - FREE SHIPPING Worldwide - SofiaMinkova
Colorful Canvas Painting- 16x20 "Jungle"- green, yellow art - Apartment302
Jungle Waterfall Original Landscape Oil Painting - hobbylady
Tiger Print - Photo Art Prints - Close up - Nature Photos - Wildlife Photography  - Black and White Photo - Tiger Eye - Custom Size - WildnisPhotography
Untouchable Forest - 8x10 photo print - more sizes available - AlexisLawer
Green Parrot Photo Bird Photography Tropical Nature Art Military Macaw Picture 8x10 Print - NatureVisionsToo

Congrats to John from casperdown!  How about showing the treasury some NonTeam love?

He'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #98. He'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item.

We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in. Check back here on Thursday at noon (eastern time) for the start of Challenge #98!

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