Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winning Treasury Challenge #100

Some words from PuffMudDesigns...

First I would like to thank Karma (KarmaRox) for having selected "A vivid restless captive" as the winner of last week's challenge! I am so happy that Jane Eyre "spoke to her"! Also, many thanks to Sarah, and the amazing leaders of the NonTeamChallenge Team!

I am so thankful for the time and creative energy you all spent on your fabulous treasuries! How one little bracelet could inspire such a tremendous variety of treasuries is amazing! How can one choose from such an array - lime green retro, modern Halloween, creepy, haunting, romantic, wedding, artists, vintage, clouds, writers, murderers, cats, stars, urbanscapes, tea parties, black swans, Baroque, chess, vampires, autumn...

I knew I had my work cut out for me but it was much more difficult then I could have imagined. I won't bore you with the detailed methods to my madness but I took this very seriously and I plotted, diagramed, cross-referenced, etc.

As I painfully whittled down the list (brutally painful) I kept returning to a few over and over and over again. It became a back and forth ping pong "game" between several top contenders.

Finally, knowing I had to "pull the trigger", I took a deep breathe and selected....."Going to the Night Circus" by Sharon of Knotchacha.

'Going to the Night Circus' by KnotChaCha

Lydia - Blacklotusclothing
Circus Cirque Necklace Banner Beige Black Handmade by TheSpangledMaker - TheSpangledMaker
Black and Gray Masquerade Mask- with feathers and veil - PetalAndThorn
Black Onyx Czech Glass Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet Taupe Dangle - PluffMudDesigns
Little Light Fingerless Gloves - Black - Silver White Stripes - Gothic Dark Bellydance Tribal Carnival Lolita Vampire Circus Emo Goth - ZenAndCoffee
Circus Brooch - Clown Brooch - ecraftic
antique black victorian boots / vintage 1900s black leather lace up boots. - RustBeltThreads
Clown Portrait Photograph Circus Performer Sad Clown Surreal Dreamy Female With Red Hat and Long Feathers Red Black White Wall Art 8x8 - carnivalphotography
BEST SELLER,Last One, Black and Red Fascinator, Vintage Headpiece, Bridal, Pin Up, Black rhinestone Brooch, Style B028 - yanethandco
This Is A Dark Ride Carnival Circus Print Your Own Card Tag Poster 5x7 Print DIY Printable jpg pdf Download Digital File Clip Art DC32 - WildGeeseDigital
Victorian Circus cuff bracelet DARING mixed medium jewelry fabric metal paper Sarah Wood - peacemama73
Vertigo Vest by Kambriel - Black and Ivory Velvet Striped Shantung - kambriel
Black Cat Peeking Around the Corner TTV 5x5 Metallic Print - ebonypaws
Gloomth's Haunted Circus Star Carousel Dress - gloomth
CANDY APPLE Perfume Oil,Big Top- candies apples, winter pomegranate, ivy and oakmoss fill the night - 1/2oz amber bottle - SteamBathFactory
Framed Photograph, Next Show, Black and White Print, Acrobat, Coochie Girl, white 9"x9" frame, Handmade Philly Team - heatherexley
Congrats to KnotChaCha!  How about showing her treasury some NonTeam love?

She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #101. She'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item.

We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in. Check back here on Thursday at noon (eastern time) for the start of Challenge #101!

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