Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Winning Treasury Challenge #109

Some words from ModGenesDesigns....

Okay, so I have to admit that when Sarah messaged me that I won the challenge last week I squealed so loud that my husband thought that I had seen a mouse! I love this challenge and was honored to have been chosen as the winner by Sinead from IrishViking designs. Thank you again so much, Sinead!! It has been an awesome experience.
What keeps me coming back to the Nonteam Challenge is that I get to be a part of an unbelievably talented group of people. I love that these challenges are designed to inspire us and motivate us to create diverse concepts and that was exactly what I got to really see this week.
Even knowing how creative group this group is I was still blown away by what I saw. I picked this piece because one, I thought it would be an entertaining inspiration piece plus, who doesn’t need to sometimes let go of inhibitions and have a little fun, especially around the holidays. And two, I hoped that it would inspire people on many levels which is what really seemed to happen. I loved seeing all the different translations and takes and looked forward to opening each treasury. Some of the treasuries made me laugh and had a wonderful simplicity to them while others were provocative and really pushed the boundaries to make you think. Some of you used bold dashes of color to tell your story while others went with soft tones that had an almost magical feel to them. It also seemed to be a week of personal accomplishments within this team and I got to celebrate new babies, a daughter’s new journey, and an elephant filled collaboration from a mother and her daughter.
When I first started looking at all these treasuries I had about 60 favorites and after narrowing it down to about 30 there was one that kept me coming back. It was both dark and seductive and had such a mysterious quality to it that it continuously drew me in and made wonder what exactly happened ‘Round midnight.
The winner of this challenge is Mindy Grusin from 626 designs with her treasury ‘Round midnight:
Thank you so much to everyone for letting me celebrate, drink champagne, and dance on (quite a few!) tables with you! It has been an honor.

''Round Midnight' by 636designs

Time to drink champagne (or your drink of choice) typography - Black and white or you choose the colors -celebrate holidays - new year's eve - ModGenesDesigns
Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish fine art photography - PhotographyByValerie
Black Millinary Netting - Russian or French Net Birdcage Material, 1 Yard - LushLapel
clip on earrings, LOVE HEARTS, deep crimson red, ceramic jewelry by karoArt, Ireland - karoArt
Selective Color film Noir inspired black and white 8X10 fine art photography print - fringefalcon
Gray Stone Choker Necklace, Dark Gray Sparkly Hematite on an Oxidized Beaded Sterling Chain, Dark Choker Stone and Silver - WillOaksStudio
Art Print of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Womens Black Shoes Oil Painting 6 x 4 "  High Heels - SubjectArt
Wine Bottles // Black and White Fine Art Photography // Wall Art // 11x14 Giclée Print - barefootcitygirl
Black and whites 8x10 matted print - ElleBeePhotography
Custom Order for  Emily Irrer Night Life- black and white photography - red- cocktails- street photography- light post - 5x7 Print - LastRosePhotography
Pair of Black Gloves - MarysVintageLoved
Modern Wall Art - Retro Red Vinyl Record Photography - blueorder
Bokeh Rain drops, rain, bokeh photography,rainy day, red, grey, black - thecoloursoflife
Formal Sequinned Palm Clutch in Gunmetal Grey with Nickel-Free Frame....Made to Order - bagsbystacey
Red Tulip Photograph - Bold Black & White Flower Path Photography - Minimalist Nature Photo - Fine Home Decor Wall Art 8 x 10 Print - HuckleberryFineArt
After - Painting - ChristyMeaux

Congrats to 363Designs! She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #110. She'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in.

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