Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winning Treasury Challenge #122

Some words from deconstructika...

First off, I want to thank Amy of Geozium for picking my treasury. I was inspired by her "dagger" necklace to do something dark, edgy, and dramatic. I was surprised and delighted to win- many thanks Amy! You rock.

When I chose the item for the challenge- and I will share more in a moment about my reason for the item I chose- I knew there would be a lot of lavender color-themed treasuries. What blew me away, was the subtle rainbow of palettes that encompassed- from lilac, to silver, to chocolate, to olive, and even orange/peach. And there were so many beautiful, masterfully curated treasuries in shades of purple. But.... I admit, I knew right from the start that I would end up choosing the darkest treasury presented. Early on, Lisa's "Lycan" showed up, and it was love at first bite. The color scheme was instantly appealing to me- dark and dangerous. As I looked more closely, the classic horror movie elements became apparent. Palpable fear, a feeling of being lost, a nightmarish quality. And as I looked even closer and saw the story of it, I was hooked for good- it seems to imply that Snow herself, turns into a wolf... Fantastically creative. Among many treasuries striving to "stay true" to the classic story of Snow White, this creative spin made me look twice, three times, four... it gave me chills the first time, and every time after. It is a treasury masterpiece in its emotional impact and storytelling, while maintaining amazing balance of colors and texture. Snow White looks quite striking- even menacing- the dark queen of the forest. She belongs there. I see hints of "The Evil Dead" or even "Freeway". I fell head over heels for this treasury- great job Lisa!

I want to share one more thing, and that's why I chose the item I did. The model, Heaven, as well as the photographer, Amber Herrera, are both dear friends and have both been so supportive of me from the beginning of my clothing design adventure. The other reason I chose this item, is that this dress has gotten my shop a lot of attention, and using it in this treasury contest has really helped me rocket this dress into Etsy super-stardom. We were on the front page this morning! Thank you Sinead Carus from IrishVikingDesigns! And thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in this contest- you have helped me get that much closer to my dream. I feel a deep gratitude to all of you. xoxoxo- Rosie

'Lycan' by NouveauTique

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Congrats to NouveauTique! She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #123. She'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in.

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AND thank you to Sanja from CraftsGardenOfZen! I just saw that your T was on the front page as well! Go nonteam!! :)