Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Winning Treasury Challenge #132

A few words from gabriel87...

WOW. THAT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT PICK EVER!i have 3 pages of treasuries added to favorites. I've spent the last hour trying to decide!

Finally, i've picked Donna's Rhythm!

It was one one of my favourite all along. I love the way Donna combined strong vivid colors with shades, abstract figures with ethnic elements, contemporary with tribals. It is airy though it's so rich in details, textures and flovours. It looks like every item was so carefully put in it's place, especially to match one of it's neighbours in color or pattern. So thoughtfully arranged.

And it was so much fun, made me dream of Africa imagined in a wild urban getto, made me want to dance and enjoy freedom of spirit, made me want to look through my window and hope to see those Ridge mountains or a beautiful savannah with elephants and giraffes, looking at me friendly as if i belonged there.

This is how a modern but tribal inspired image should look like.

'Rhythm' by DonnaWalker

Lowry Park Zoo Photograph 8x10 - Giraffes - NaturalDesignsPhoto
Statement tribal chunky african textiles, fabric earrings ''Wild, moving like she's nice'' - gabriel87
Drawing 009 - Large print of original ink drawing - MichaelNeilJacobsen
Neon Orange fringe felt stuffed metallic lace bib statement necklace - jujujust
yellow spring fern brooch pin / Chaparral yellow fern jewellery - Planetstrangebird
Constellations - Elegant silver ring for a Very Special Occasion - BlueSunflowerStudio
West German Pottery Vase Scheurich. Lora, Flame Pattern. - ArqueologiaDomestica
Statement Necklace made of book pages and papers: SHADES of Grey - PaperStatement
Blue Ridge Mountains Photo. Black & White. NC  landscape photograph. striking wall art 5x7 Fine Art Photograph, Metallic Paper In Stock - JessPetersonPhotos
Macro Photography. The red dragonfly. Size: 6x8" (15cmx20cm) - idniphotography
Minimal geometric black and gold necklace - JOZZaccessories
8X10 fine art print metallic macro photography red yellow neon leaf - Dabblingstuff
NO.8 Dark Red Cotton Asymmetric Hem Top - JoozieCotton
Elephant Photo - 8x10 photograph - Elephant Close Up - fine art print -  Black and White photography - nursery art - fathers day - maybesparrowsplace
Golden Feathers - Fine Art 8x10 Photograph - Bird Photography - Still Life Yellow Flicker Feathers Set of 5 - sophiebrownehandmade
Leather Wrap Bracelets Scull Snap Buttons - faima

Congrats to DonnaWalker! She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #132. She'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in.

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