Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Winning Treasury Challenge #133

A few words from DonnaWalker...

This has been a spectacular week full of creativity, soul, art, mystery, music, and dance! Thank you to all the nonteamies for participating and to Eugenia for choosing my treasury last week. And a special thank you to all the unseen volunteers who make this team possible.

For the winning treasury this week I chose Nicolas from MyAntartica: Paracosm.

This was a new vocabulary word for all, myself included. At first glance I thought this was dark and too different. Then I took the time to think. And then each item in the treasury seemed to fall into place, each had a story to tell. Nicolas created a visual dream, a world of his own, a new landscape. And that is what art is all about. All we can do is put our vision out to the world and hope it connects. Nicolas did that.

Having said all that, many many other treasuries touched my heart too. I had no easy time to narrow my favorites. I appreciate the time and thought and soul put into each one and I am honored that my little painting inspired such creativity. Thank you all!

'Paracosm' by MyAntarctica

A Place of One's Own - theaterclouds
Terrain VII - 12x12 Original Oil Painting on Canvas- Abstract Painting, Landscape - DonnaWalker
Terracotta Orange Brown Drop Shaped Pendant Gift 35. - elenasfelting
river rock painted with white mushrooms as a paperweight - FallingLadies
Original Art Oil Painting Art Block Landscape - Heading Out - jkelleystudio
The Ghost's Library No. 65 - 12" x 18" - MoonIsSingingPhotos
SPRING SALE - Larger 19x13 ORIGINAL Painting - Abstract Contemporary Art -- Abstract Expressionism - Sunlight Beauty - 1452.010813 - AbstractXpressionism
Barn Owl Manitou - FreedomGallery
Modern Rustic  Brass Leaf Necklace - "Flora" - NighBluey
Women scarf - Wool and silk scarf -  grey cobweb wet felted scarf - weddings accsessorie - made to order - AgnesFelt
Wilted Words - Fine Art Photograph - Hibiscus, Pink, Flower, Floral, Garden, Decay - 5 x 5 - bibliographica
Epiphany fine art giclee print reproduction of an original watercolor and ink illustration - obsoleteworld
Earthy Porcelain Pendant with Impression of Sweet Alyssum - peifferStudios
Art, Photography, Portrait, Woman Portrait, Warehouse 13, Giclee Archival Print, Photomontage, Collage, Painted Photographs, - ImagineStudio
fire pendant - Revonav
Standing bronze figure - smallbronzes

Congrats to MyAntarctica! He'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #134. He'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in.

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