Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Winning Treasury Challenge #136

A few words from KarmaRox...

First of all, to my dear Justin--thank you so much, Justin, for choosing my humble little treasury about Hannah last week as the winner of the challenge. Your comment about sharing it with your Mother made me cry (in a good way)--that relationship between a Mother and child is a strong bond that is always with you even after one passes from this plane to the next.

Honestly, the outpouring from all of you was quite unexpected and overwhelming! It brought out so many heartfelt comments and stories from others who had experienced similar losses that I sat each evening and read and re-read the comments again and again. Thank you all for sharing, caring and honoring my sweet Hannah and supporting me throughout the week. Your words really lifted me up and I adore you all more than mere words can express.

I struggled for hours (really) trying to figure out what the inspiration item should be and changed my mind again and again. What would inspire the most diverse number of themes? What would you all do with it? After much thought and contemplation and changing my mind again and again and again, I decided to see where you all would take the lone button---and you didn't disappoint! Many of you who have 'known' me took the personal route and I appreciate that so much--I laughed and went 'oooooooh--ahhhhhh' more than once. Although I only commented once on each treasury, please know that I viewed them each several times before making my decision. It wasn't an easy decision as there were many clear winners (as will be attested when you see the honorable mentions), but there was one in particular that stayed with me throughout the weekend....WildPearly's, Metamorphosis....not only is it clever but I just can't imagine how WildPearly found that last image of the jellyfish:

Congrats to WildPearly! Enjoy your week!!!

'MeTaMoRpHoSis~*' by WildPearly

The Lone Button - KarmaRox
vintage photo Baby Girl Wearing Pierrot or Clown Cap Happy Birthday girl w Boy - maclancy
Photograph - Fog in the Valley - 8 x 12 Wall Art - BillSwindamanPhoto
Abstract Photograph - Fine Art Photography Bokeh Rooftop Print Vintage Color Blur Pop Wall Art - EstherMeir
Dream like / Fog / Nature / Abstract / Forest / Soft / Gray / Dark Green - sukoshishop
College Fog - 5x5 Matted Black and White Print - tanjatiziana
Rocks and Fog, Oregon Coast - MattVogtPhotography
It rained today. (Original rainy day photograph, 5 x 7 print) - WearetheMenards
walk, beach, blurred, acrylic, - BeaNBirds
Waves in a white fog - illekes
The Kiss - stefanskistudio
Black and white photography / fog / foggy / surreal / mystery / The Journey, 8 x 12 print - NicholasBellPhoto
She Wants The Silence - FREE SHIPPING - Print Girl Death Face Skull Black White Gray Plastic Creepy Haunting Portrait Surreal BoneArt - caryndrexl
Surreal Art Print - Bokeh Lights - Out Of Focus Rain Photo - 8x8" - DreamlikeDesign
Zen Impressions     " Introspection"   - Original, One-of-a-Kind - paulamattson
Jellyfish Photo - Blue, White Jellies, Sea life, Jelly, Fish, Seaside Decor, Buy One Get One Free, Underwater Art, Luminous Embrace - YoungSwanDesigns

Congrats to WildPearly! She'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #137. She'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in.

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WiLd PeArLy-s LuCiD BeAds aNd DeSiGnS said...

My dear Friends,
This was such a great, fun experience! I feel super honoured, because all of your entries were amazingly creative as well! Thank you all for your support and beautiful words....especially a huge THANX goes to Karma, who certainly rOx!~*
I just can't wait to dive into this new challenge that's lying right before us! :D Good luck to everyone <3