Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Winning Treasury Challenge #137

A few words from WildPearly...

What an exciting week of communicating and sharing creativity with my fellow Etsians!
I felt like I was reading a magical book of a great adventure with infinite storyline and endings. I’ve found my feather Burlesque Fascinator flying freely through the boundless fields of imagination, discovering some new, hidden meanings and stories written in between its whimsical layers… Honestly, it touched my soul to see/feel all of that vivid, immense beauty! Oh, so many charming minds and stunning creativity expressing the joy of life in an exquisite and flamboyant way… I just feel super energized, inspired and fully awake to dream up some new designs after this whole unique experience!
Thank you everyone so much for sharing your precious time and outstanding creativity to tell a new, refreshing story about my handmade design. And, with no doubt, a very special huge THANX has to go again to dear Karma for literally allowing me to feel all of this greatness by choosing me as the last weeks non-team challenge winner! Karma, you rock and you know it ;)

Ok, I guess the time has arrived to pass the torch to a fellow dreamer….to someone who (after long hours of deliberating and browsing through all of the official entries) convinced me their story has that special flavor I was seeking, that illuminating aura that will make me remember it forever…oh, I am not going to skip the part of saying “It was SO hard to make this decision”, because it certainly was,LOL! Even more than I expected it to be… but, at the end, when the clock is ticking the very last minutes of this wonderful challenge I have to say it aloud: SPLASH!

Yes, let the Splash(!) treasured by byartroom2 be the winner of the non-team challenge #137! Their selection of astonishing imagery and striking color palette combined with brilliantly composed drama and mystique made me drift away to that splashy, glittery, a little bit dark-ish but happily- alluring dreamscape~* They also picked out all of the colors and textures my inspiration item/design actually consisted of and successfully featured it in this outstanding Treasury.

The list of my other choices/winners you’ll find announced pretty soon on a thread labeled HN (Honorable Mentions)….Stay tuned….

Viva La Vida & Much LoVe,

WiLd PeArLy~*

'Splash!' by artroom2

Original abstract painting,Chaos,24" x 30" - HelloArtLover
Key photograph, 20x30cm print / 8x12 print, dreamy, gold key, romantic, decadent - dianadebord
Gobelin Armchair - plymouth pink - namedesignstudio
Watercolor 12: Original macro photograph.  Lively abstract art with subtle red, blue purple on neutral background. 12 X 12, unframed. - XavierPhelpArt
Burlesque Dancer colorful feather flowers  lace and 3d glass cabochon headpiece FASCINATOR - WildPearly
Little Green Cabin       8 x 10 - PhabulousThings
Colorful African Bird - songsparrowstudios
Hair Chalk, Temporary Color For Your Hair - Dip Dye Pastels, Pick Your Color - ShareeBoutique
Large Wall Art, Dance With My Heart - soveryhappyart
art portrait of a  red-haired girl siting near a wal, photography print,  room decor, gift, children, - tanyazelda
Night Star Photography, dark blue wall decor, tree branches, stars When the World Was as it Should Be print 8x12 - moonlightphotography
A4 print, Doc Martins, pinks, green, yellow, blue, colourful, street photography, County Durham - AdeleCarne
Surreal Snow Globe - 8.5x11 photograph print - dream sparkle bokeh pixie dust "Floating Bliss" - CollageLaMar
bay coat, 8x10 archival print fashion photograph of vintage hudson's bay blanket jacket - pamelaklaffke
Your Own Unique Corset Laced Mannequin Using Your Fabric - CorsetLacedMannequin
SALE - A Good Book Has No Ending -- 8x10 print - Emmalynne

Congrats to byartroom2! They'll be choosing the Inspiration Item for Challenge #138. They'll also be judging it. Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the Inspiration Item. We only have today to help them choose their item, so please be sure to pop in.

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