Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winning Treasury #174

Some words from EmeraldTownRaven...

First off, I'd like to thank Lori for choosing my treasury as last weeks winner! Having my guitar print featured in so many treasuries has been such a joy and an honor!! I love the creativity of this team and being able to see the different ways its expressed is such a delight!! I feel that music is basically a language form. There are many different types and many different ways of communicating through music. This team has captured the essense of music beautifully by just using visuals! Choosing a winner is never easy.. by any sense of the word. And I mean it when I say that each of your treasuries was a winner in their own special way! I did manage to narrow my choices down to one treasury, and that one treasury is "Tension is to be loved..." by SarahsNickNacks.

There was something about this treasury that I just couldn't pass up. And the more I looked it over, the deeper I fell into it. I felt it represented something that is very important in all of our lives. We all have "tensions" in our lives and sometimes they are quite painful. And while we usually cannot see it at the time we are experiencing that pain, that very pain that we felt would break us helped to mold us into something more beautiful than what we were before. And it stresses the importance of perspective. I feel that is a valuable lesson to be learned and believe she captured that rather beautifully with her title and her treasury and even the song she linked that was to accompany her treasury. So congratulations Sarah!! And thank you all ever so much for your participation this week!! It was a wonderful ride!!

"Tension is to be loved..." by SarahsNickNacks

love the earth - thePhotoZoo
Letters to you - matchbox art - paperiaarre
Abstract Heart Photography - teal turquoise brown beige print, large love dark photo, sparkle lights wall art decor, "Whispers of the Heart" - CarolynCochrane
Guitar Song - 20x30" canvas print - Guitar photography - Brown Guitar - Guitar - Guitar art - Brown music decor - Music decor - Guitar decor - EmeraldTownRaven
Guitar String Necklace, Two Hearts Linked - Two Toned    Interlocking Circles Silver Necklace, Gold Pendant - Guitar String Jewelry - LuckyStrings
Mens Ring Wood Grain on Sterling Unique Wedding Ring Tree Bark - tinahdee
Swinger Girl Full Moon - Pendulum Wall Clock - ObjectIndustrialArt
I will be grateful for this day - vol25
Wood Geometric Necklace // MAGNETIC WINTER // Boho-Chic Jewelry // Hand-Painted Blue Gray Necklace // Minimal Jewelry // Modern Necklaces - Valentinolandia
beach fence magnet / beach, coast, sand, wooden, refrigerator magnet, kitchen decor, fine art photograph - shannonpix
I can take your instrument and vision & make it a reality.... - Artemezia
San Francisco Art, Bay Bridge, California, Dreamy Travel Photography, Water, Teal, Blue Green, Night, Lights - The Crossing - EyePoetryPhotography
Grandaddy's Guitar 13x19 fine art photography print - KimDeslandesPhotoArt
Photo Print - Flying Geese, Black and White, Textured - CapeCodPhoto
Music paper envelopes - set of 10 crafted small mini envelopes - vintage music paper - black white grey rustic - europeanstreetteam - InghettaDesign
Teal decor Photography primitive antique yellow wood cabinet wooden aged worn rustic shabby chic - The crux - fine art photograph - brandMOJOimages

Congrats to Sarah!  She will be choosing the inspiration item for Challenge #175 from her shop SarahsNickNacks.  She'll also be judging the Challenge.  Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the inspiration item.  We only have today to help choose the item, so please be sure to pop in.

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