Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Winning Treasury #195

Some words from Rosie...

I am always intrigued at how an artist's medium and perspective change the way they approach a project. I have seen it in the form of themed art shows before; it's fascinating for instance what 30 different artists will create with the same object, like a wooden frame or a plain white mask (just to name a couple of examples that I personally was a part of, and enjoyed immensely). The same is true for treasuries... it is really interesting how different artists approach the same 16-square format and can create such a variety, a rainbow, no, better than a rainbow, a 3-dimensional, emotionally layered, full spectrum of variances from those 16 squares. Painters' treasuries LOOK like paintings; Fiber artists make very textural treasuries; Fashion designers are obsessed with fashion, of course; Jewelry maker's treasuries are strung together like beads on a wire. And collage artists make beautifully compiled, eclectic, and masterful compilations with those 16 squares, and that is exactly what happened this week. Susan and Maxwell of artsdesireable made this treasury that just jumped off the screen, and every tile so perfect, it really should be hanging in a museum. You elevated my one little square to art level, framing it cleverly with such a pleasing color pattern that a person could stare at it for hours. Fabulous motion throughout, compelling passion, hot, pulsing colors, and really wonderful items, all of which looked new to me. Thank you so much and thank you to everyone who participated this week!! It was such a pleasure.

 Congrats to Susan & Maxwell!  They will be choosing the inspiration item for Challenge #196 from their shop artsdesireable.  They'll also be judging the Challenge.  Check the team discussion page for a "Laying Odds" thread to make suggestions / predictions on the inspiration item.  We only have today to help choose the item, so please be sure to pop in. 

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