Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Changes to the Guidelines for Challenge #2

Challenge #1 is now closed to new entries.

This Challenge exceeded all of our expectations by far! Thank you all! Thank you volunteers for everything you're doing!

We ended up with at least 125 treasuries, all featuring AwakenJournaling's journal!

Thank you AwakenJournaling for judging! It's a lot of work. I so hope that in the end, all of the time spent on this will have been worth the shop exposure.

Who's next?

After this first challenge, we felt there were areas that needed improvement.

Challenge #2 will run a little differently. Here's how.....

* The challenge will run for just three days - Thursday to Sunday (noon - eastern).

* Each participant may enter only one treasury for each challenge. One treasury per person (not per shop or account).

* The judge will report the winning treasury to Dotty on Monday.

* The winning treasury will be announced Tuesday at noon (eastern time). It'll have some nice exposure as will the winner's shop before the next challenge begins. Perhaps the winning treasury will reach "hot" status with all of our views/clicks/comments.

* Challenge #3 will begin that next Thursday at noon (eastern time).

For Challenge #2 we'll have a new promo thread. We'll also have a chatting thread in Etc.

The list of shops on the left sidebar will change every week, reflecting the shops that participated in the *previous* Challenge. For example: After Challenge #1 ends, Sarah will make a list of all those that entered treasuries. These people will be left up throughout Challenge #2. At the end of Challenge #2, she will delete the first list and make a new list of all those that participated in challenge #2. These people will be left up through challenge #3 and so on. No need to leave comments anymore. We feel that this will be a much easier way of maintaining the list.

We're going to post Challenge #1's winning treasury when it's ready so that it and the winning shop get a bit of exposure before Challenge #2 begins.

The Inspiration Item and Challenge #2 will be posted this Thursday, October 21st at noon (eastern time).

While we wait for the next Challenge, if you feel like creating a treasury filled with NonTeam Members - just for fun and added exposure (not as part of a challenge), tag it with nonteamtreasury and include a link to our blog in the description. You can use the list of participating shops over on the sidebar. Then leave a comment on this page to have your treasury and shop link added to our growing list.

Thanks so much everyone for your participation and enthusiasm!


Lazymuse said...

Wow! That's a lot of treasuries to judge, good work everyone!

nomadcraftsetc said...

Thanks Dotty for writing all of this up-the rules will make judging a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Looking forward to Challenge # 2!
Thank you very much Dotty and volunteers.


Anonymous said...

I have to say poo-poo on only being able to enter 1 treasury :(

That's the part of T teams that I like...an outlet to create as many as I wish.

Dotty said...

Thanks all!

I was hesitant about limiting the treasuries. I hate to stifle those that are so enthusiastic. But we need to keep this manageable for the judges, volunteers and those of us trying to look at all of them. This way also gives everyone an equal shot at winning. Sorry!

Amie said...

Thanks volunteers. I think limiting treasuries is the best way to go, although I had fun making two.

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I wasn't able to participate last week so now my shop isn't on the list but I want to participate this week. Do I just create a treasury with the new inspiration item and follow the same instructions as last week to get back on the list for next week?

Dotty said...

Hi Liz! I'm so glad you'll take part this week! Yes, to get back on the list, all you need to do is enter a treasury in Challenge #2. Your shop won't go up though until C#2 is over.

The list throughout this week is going to be the shops that participated in C#1. Sarah will edit the list when C#2 is over, so those that participated in C#2 will be up throughout C#3. Gosh that's hard to explain. Did that make any sense? The list on the sidebar will always show the shops that participated in the *previous* challenge.

It was just way too much to keep up with. There were so many new shops daily. This way, she'll just edit the list once a week.

Dotty said...

and thanks Amie!

Sarah said...

Liz-Annas- Yep, just participate in the challenge starting on Thurs. and your name will go back on the list at then end of that challenge. Thanks!!

Dotty said...

She's so much more succinct. :)

Sarah said...

The list of the shops is current. If I missed someone who created a treasury for challenge #1, please let me know and I will look into it. Thanks!! Look how many awesome shops we had participate last time!

nomadcraftsetc said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks so much Sarah for updating the list-I can only imagine how tedious that is!

beezmiller said...

Looks like challenge #1 was a success! What a wonderful idea. Thanks to Dotty and all of the volunteers. Looking forward to Challenge #2.

kimbuktu said...

Eye Dance, a new nonteam treasury including of nonmembers:


Wieber Art said...

You have taken what has been an excruciating task (I've lost most of the treasuries that I made into thin air), and have made this such an enjoyable experience for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all,

Molly O'Bryon-Welpott said...

So smart to put a limit of 1:)

How do I add my other shop MollyFinds?
I know one per person;)

Dotty said...

Thanks so much everyone!