Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changes to NonTeam Challenge 17

Edit: Challenge 17 is now closed. Please check back on Tuesday for the winner and on Thursday for the start of the next challenge.

My! Yesterday was a doozy!

Two things happened:
1. Theelmsvintage's jewelry box sold! This is the first time that we've had a one-of-a-kind Inspiration Item that sold, so we had to scramble to figure out what to do.

2. The forum migration on etsy was completed. We didn't know when it was going to happen or that we'd be locked out of our existing threads. Scramble time again.

So, here are the updates for this challenge.....

*****1. Theelmsvintage chose another Inspiration Item. If you've already made a treasury, please don't edit or delete it. If you're in the middle of making one, just go ahead and finish it. If you haven't yet made a treasury, please use the new Inspiration Item.

All of the treasuries will be judged together with one winner.

I'll be editing the guidelines for the future. For true One of a Kind items, the winner will choose a new Inspiration Item if it sells. If the winner has handmade items and can duplicate the Inspiration Item, we ask that you raise the quantity or "renew sold". Only shops that are unable to do this will be allowed to choose a second item.

Our new Inspiration Item....

Brass Seagull by theelmsvintage

****2. We are now using the Unoffical Etsy Forums (UEF) for our threads. Please register over there to participate. There are already close to 2,000 etsians registered.

Please leave a link to your treasury in our NEW promo thread on UEF.

You can view our old etsy promo thread to view/click/comment on the treasuries made before the forum migration. You can't post to it, but you can view it.

Here is our NEW etc thread on UEF. Please join us there to chat.

I've received convos from two people that had trouble registering there. If you've had trouble or know of a solution, please comment below. Thanks!


newhopebeading said...

LOL glad I checked before I made the treasury lol Congrats on the sale... it was a pretty box... I can see why it found a home :)

newhopebeading said...

ok I posted it on the new forum... I hope I did it right and can't remember if I am supposed to post it here so here it is... I am so confused ... lol sorry :)

Teresa @ good-grace said...

This is AWEsome!! :)
Beautiful inspiration item.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Also... wondering if you guys are still using the Twitter ID: NonTeamTreasury ... I am now following you (or that Twitter ID/username) and I was preparing to "tweet", but thought I should make sure it was correct. Thx! :)

Dotty said...

Newhope, you can post it here if you'd like but it's not a requirement.

Teresa, our twitter volunteer is no longer able to do it. We're looking for someone that can take over.

Tina S said...

I just love the seagull! I bet it sells immediately, too. it looks like an antelope or gazelle, too, if one thinks f the base as a body.