Monday, February 7, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Edit: Emily from Emilyparkesart is going to be our tweeter! Thank you Emily!

Right after convoing with Emily, Irina from jaunebleu also volunteered to help out. I just wanted to give her shop a little plug because she was kind enough to offer. Thank you Irina!

Hi all. We're in need of a volunteer to take over tweeting about our challenges.

The volunteer will need to set up a new Twitter account, then post just two to three tweets a week.

Once on Tuesdays to announce the winning treasury.

Once on Thursdays with a link to the Inspiration Item.

A second tweet on Thursdays with a link to the blog about the new challenge.

That won't take long at all!

If you have the time and feel like tweeting about our Just For Fun treasuries, treasuries that make the front page, links to any of the other treasuries, promoting any of our nonteam member shops....that would be fantastic!

In exchange for your time, we'll post your mini on the sidebar here.

If you could do this for the nonteam, please convo Dotty.

Thank you!!


Emily said...

Hi everyone,

The new twitter account is here -!/Treasurynonteam

Thanks : )


FabricFascination said...

Thanks Emily, I am following the nonteam on Twitter now.