Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nonteam Treasury Challenge #17

Triple edit: Challenge 17 is now closed. Please check back on Tuesday for the winner and on Thursday for the start of the next challenge.

OY! Double edit: Our etc and promo threads have been locked. Please see the sidebar to the right for new links.

Edit: "Our" beautiful jewelry box has sold! Because theelmsvintage only has one of each item, she's going to choose another Inspiration Item. If you've already made a treasury, please don't edit or delete it. If you're in the middle of making one, just go ahead and finish it. If you haven't yet made a treasury, please use this new Inspiration Item.

All of the treasuries will be judged together with one winner.

I'll be editing the guidelines for the future. For true One of a Kind items, this is what we'll do if it sells. If the winner has handmade items and can duplicate the Inspiration Item, we ask that you raise the quantity or "renew sold". Only shops that are unable to do this will be allowed to choose a second item.

Our new Inspiration Item....

Brass Seagull by theelmsvintage


A creative challenge open to all members of Etsy!
Create a treasury around the Inspiration Item. Win the Challenge and the Inspiration Item for the next Challenge will be something of yours! Who knows how many treasuries will be created with your item!

Everyone is welcome to take part in this Challenge. There's no team to join.
Theelmsvintage will be judging the Challenge this week. It's totally up to her as to what she's looking for. Make the best treasury you can and just maybe one of your items will be featured in our next Challenge!

Please read the guidelines carefully before creating your treasury.

Our Inspiration Item is.....

Large Jewelry / Music Box from theelmsvintage

Create one treasury using the Inspiration Item above as one item in your treasury. Fill the rest of the treasury with any other items on etsy. Follow etsy's treasury guidelines. Do not include any of your own items. Make your treasury awesome. Add descriptive tags and give it a creative title.

Use etsy's Merchandising Desk ideas when possible. Some possible themes/tags from February's Merchandising Desk - Valentine gifts for her, neutral palettes, functional decor solutions, secret hiding places.

You have three days - until Sunday, February 6th, (noon - eastern) to create your treasury.

Requirements for Participation in this Challenge...
1. Read the guidelines. (Remember - only one entry per person)

2. Include the Inspiration Item in any of the first 12 spots (not as an alternate).

3. Tag your treasury with nonteamchallenge 17. (separated by a space) Be sure that it shows up in this search by the deadline for judging. (If your treasury doesn't show up there, it won't be judged.)

4. Be sure to include a link to the blog or this post in your treasury description. If it doesn't fit into the description, you may leave it in the first comment.

5. Make sure that if you win, you'll be available to judge the next week's Challenge - and report the winning treasury by the next Monday.

6. Support other participants - View/Comment/Click on other treasuries in the Challenge.

7. New - Please don't tag your nonteam treasury with tags for other treasury teams. It's not in the spirit of our nonteam. Our goal is to spread the treasury and front page exposure to participating shops and to others.

Highly Recommended (not required)...
* Become a follower of this blog to stay in touch with each new challenge and challenge winner.
* Leave a link to your treasury in our new weekly promo thread by the deadline. Please don't leave a link in our ETC thread.
* Use the tag nonteamchallenge 17 on your items to make it easier for others to include your items in treasuries. Only use this tag if you plan to create a challenge treasury THIS week. Please read the details here.
* Use items from other participating shops if you'd like and if their items fit your theme. There are three ways to find them.
1. Search nonteamchallenge 17 for all items on etsy. (Don't forget about our supplies and vintage shops!)
2. Use the list on the left sidebar of the blog.
3. Visit our etsy buyer account to see minis.
* Keep your treasury updated during the Challenge. Replace sold/expired items. (Don't replace the Inspiration Item with something else should it sell.)
* Tweet, Facebook, Blog, etc to spread the word about your treasury and our Challenges.
* Convo people that you included in your treasury.
* Join us in our Challenge #17 chatting thread in Etc.
* Come back next week to participate again!

Time to make some treasuries!
Please double-check the requirements above after you've created your treasury to be sure that you've fulfilled them all.

Good luck!

This challenge ends Sunday, February 6th (noon - eastern).
The winning treasury will be posted on Tuesday, February 8th (noon - eastern).
The new Inspiration Item, and the next Challenge will be posted on Thursday, February 10th (noon - eastern).


Kathryn said...

and we're off! so excited to see all of your treasuries :)

karoArt said...

Fabulous inspirational item! Can't wait to sit down and create a treasury...

Deanne Pace said...

Love this! It will be a great inspiration!

magalerie said...

Here is my entry :)

E W McCall said...

Love this weeks challenge!!


LovelyNestDesigns said...

here's my entry!

susanlavonne said...

here's mine:

Valerie K Studio said...

here is mine

karoArt said...

and mine, for music lovers...

Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

Here's mine!

libertyo said...

uh oh, how dare someone purchase the incredibly awesome jewelry box we're inspired by??

hehe, CONGRATS on the sale elmsvintage!!!

Now what? I left this question on the thread that was started for this challenge, but with the changing forums, I have no idea what I'm doing... what is UEF?

waterwaif said...

Here's mine!

Dotty said...

UEF is the Unoffical Etsy Forums. We'll be using that once etc and promos are moved to teams.

I'm not sure what we're going to do now Liberty! This hasn't happened before. Please join us in our etc thread to discuss it.

libertyo said...

Yowee wowee! At last ck, there have been 6 sales from the front pg collection curated by EWMcCall. CONGRATS to all!!!

Dotty said...

That's incredible!

We've decided to have theelmsvintage choose a second item to finish out the challenge. Details above.

Thanks all!

WhiteRabbit7 said...

I can't seem to post in the thread, so here is mine

Off to try and figure out how to post in these new threads ;)

libertyo said...

oh good grief, the promo and etc threads for nonteam say:

"You don't have permission to participate in this discussion."

I can link to them - even tho I can still see them, can't post my treasury for challenge 17. aaargh

Please advise. xocheryl

Dotty said...

Shoot. Apparently I don't have permission anymore either. I posted just an hour ago.

We'll have to use UEF. I'll be back with links shortly. They'll be on the right sidebar.

shaunats said...

sofisticata said...

This was fun!!
Here is my entry!!

for some reason I cant login on the new place!!

Lily said...

SophisticatedLady said...

Oops! I didn't catch that the item had sold before I finished my treasury. Oh well, here it is anyway:

Adorn Me Jewelry said...

Dang! I just missed the deadline. :( Beautiful featured item.