Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Few Changes

Hi everyone! We've made a few changes recently....

*** It will now be a requirement to post a link to your challenge treasury in the Entry Thread each week.

Before, it was simply a suggestion. Judges used the nonteam tag treasury search. This method was somewhat unreliable.

From now on, the judges will use the Entry Thread to view Challenge Treasuries. If you don't post a link there by the deadline (noon eastern on Sundays), your treasury won't be judged.

The volunteers will also be using the Entry Thread to add your shop link to the blog sidebar and to add your shop to the buyer account. If you don't post your link to the thread, you won't be added to either place.

*** We've decided to discontinue the mini pages on the blog. They were meant to replace the list of shops on the sidebar. Now that we have that back, there's no reason to continue with them.

*** We've asked previous judges to give us some insight about the process they go through. It's an interesting read. You might want to have a look here.

Thanks all!

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