Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NonTeam Challenge 106 Front Page

Meredith and Anna from Ricefield Shop  garnered a NonTeam Front Page with "You Shouldn't Harp On About Winning 1st Prize In The Cute Cyclist Competition."
Bicycles - Hand Painted Watercolor & Felt : Illustrated Prize Award Ribbon Button . Pin - twamies
1950s Dress - 50s Dress - Brown and Green Moroccan Print - concettascloset
Classic Vintage Style Bicycle Bag (Ready to Ship) - snootsie
Le Petit Bike Ring by Rachel Pfeffer - RachelPfefferDesigns
Fable Inspired Russet Brown Bloomettes Bloomers Undergarments Knickers size Small - undertheroot
Puffin Postcard - SarahMcNeil
Jade Beaded Bracelet Set . Gemstone Bracelets - Jasper Bracelet, Jade Bracelet, Glass Bracelet . 4 Statement Bracelet Set - "Winter Berries" - VintageRoseShop
Extraordinary hand felted collar - sassafrasdesignl
Vintage Italian  STOCKINGS //  Brand New 1950s // Indemagliabile-"RUNPROOF" - LaSartoria
vintage brooch earrings- demi parrure- pink blue - zaama
Wool poncho in shades of camel brown and green - ready to ship - Bartinki
Brown Fingerless Gloves Knit Mittens Autumn Winter - EweniqueEssentials
CYCLING CAP with ear flaps---fully reversible upcycled black and white pinstripe and electric salmon pink--size adult - IvyandOtis
Vintage Jew's Harp - GallivantsVintage
Varigated Triangle Fishnet Shawl - LoveandKnit
Bicycle Calendar 2013 - 5x7 photography calendar - desk calendar - 12 loose leaf sheets - bicycle photography - vintage style retro - JillianAudreyDesigns

Meredith and Anna met in art school and, though living an ocean apart from each other, have collaborated to start the Ricefield Collective, a nonprofit that helps Philippine farmers earn supplemental income through knitting.

Congratulations to all the featured shops!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Thanks everyone! Unfortunately this has been really bitter sweet for us, as we were not able to bask in fp glory and attention. Our shop was taken offline by Etsy the day before, because they think we might not be involved enough in our making process.
It would have been so nice to have been asked in a friendly manner and given the opportunity to make our case before being closed down. Instead we are guilty until proven innocent in a very hard nosed fashion. Our attempts to make our case have not been met with any benefit of the doubt.
This has all been so far from the lovely front of house Etsy that we love. We've invested so much time and enjoyed reaching out and meeting so many. As huge Etsy advocates, this is quite heartbreaking.
We'd be very curious to hear if anyone on the team (and beyond) has any specific words of advice.
Many warm regards,
Anna (& Meredith)